How can we help you hire the best talent, when face to face isn't an option?

We offer you more information to make the best hiring decisions, mitigating risk, saving time & money.

Solutions using advanced technologies give a fuller picture of the candidate - How productive might a person be from the home environment for example?

We invest in partnerships with leading experts and the latest technology:

  • Reach more candidates through social channels
  • Provide advanced initial screening
  • Provide a personality profile directly from a social media account
  • Offer tailored behavioural analysis for specific jobs
  • Offer interview questions and suitable areas to explore
  • Approach potential candidates with individual video, giving a higher response ratio
  • Hold virtual assessment centres

Through our qualified expert Tim Hurst & licensed partnership with global leading profiling company

Assessments measure Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Competencies:

Maintains Good Working Relationships: This measures the extent to which a person puts effort into
developing good relationships with others.
Offers Help: How well a person shares information and offers guidance to others.
Works Autonomously: Will they be successful when working without direct supervision or help from others.
Uses Time Efficiently: How might a person manage their own time and deliver work on schedule.
Stays Focused: Will the candidate concentrate on tasks over a long period of time without getting distracted.
Adapts to Change: Will they accept and adapt to changes in their work environment without difficulty.
Focuses on Self-Development: How much a person seeks development opportunities in order to improve their own performance.
Takes Action: The extent to which a person seeks additional work and enjoys taking on new responsibilities.

"Those who embrace the latest technology will be in pole position to not only attract top talent but retain it".

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what they say

“We have worked with Hanson Lee on a range of technical and senior roles within our various business units throughout UK and US. By applying a professional search approach to all assignments they consistently present shortlists of quality not quantity. As such they have become a key resource partner.”

CEO - AdvantageGo