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Product Manager – AI & Machine Learning – up to £120,000

Posted 3 months ago

A leading London Market InsurTech provider is looking for a Product Manager to be responsible for the development, product lifecycle, go to market strategy, innovation of a brand new Artificial Intelligence (AI) product.

You will be responsible for driving AIand analytics through the the company’s core products by creating a cognitive data engine that will also standalone as a product 

This is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of the company’svision to create real-time, insight led products that support existing use cases and new opportunities in event response, risk avoidance and mitigation.


  • The PM will have extensive experience applying data science and AI technologies – such as machine learning and other similar technologies to real world business problems
  • The role is to improve the ability to provide advanced analytics, algorithms and actionable insights in decisions support across the core products
  • Ability to solve complex, problems to develop AI capabilities. Able to articulate the business and customer benefits of these advanced capabilities internally to the Sales teams and Partners and if required to support the pre sales teams demonstrations to customers
  • Prime participant in the development of a future AI strategy, aligned to the Business Strategy. This will include input into the revenue and profitability scenarios for future products which will utilize AI and Data Science capabilities
  • Comfortable building a team to support the new product capabilities – and standalone cognitive insight engine
  • Has the skill and ability to implement processes and protocols to support the embedding of this capability into the Product Management function and implement any essential interlocking processes with other functions


  • Manage, Develop and Innovate Products in relation to Data Analytics and AI
  • Improve the company’s ability to utilise leading edge data science and AI in existing and future products
  • Development of the Analytic and AI strategy for existing and future products
  • Drive AI and analytics through core products in a hands-on approach for example coding and building the appropriate capabilities
  • Building product that will support core systems and also enable to sell this cognitive insight engine to subscribing insurers and re-insurers
  • Build and manage new products with AI capability to support the Product Vision
  • Be responsible for knowledge uplift in relation to data science and AI within the Product Management function
  • Be aware of the business benefits to the business and Customers of Analytic/AI capabilities embedded into products
  • Responsible for building and managing a team to support the new product capabilities – including how this relates to the management of the Product Roadmaps
  • Initiate product specific improvements and the development of new products ensuring the company continues to be innovative in their respective markets and territories
  • Prime participant in the development of product specific marketing in relation to Analytic/AI related capabilities and benefits
  • Ensure that Sales, Marketing, Account Management and Delivery teams (including Delivery Partners) are up to date and understand the benefits of Analytic/AI in relation to products
  • Implement clear and documented governance and standard process, including interlocking processes, with other functions. Implementing and reporting on KPIs for product quality and support.

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